Noise Curtains

by dB Engineering

Acoustical Curtain Systems

Part I:  General


The work consists of furnishing all materials, labor and accessories necessary to install Signature Acoustical Baffles specified herein.


Delivery and Storage
All materials shall be delivered in their original, unopened cartons and stored in an enclosed area providing protection from damage and exposure to the elements.  Cartons shall be stored flat and not placed in direct contact with floors or walls.  Twenty four (24) hours prior to installation, the wall panels shall be stored at the temperature and humidity condition ambient during installation and occupancy.

Part II:  Product


Baffles shall be model _____1", 1 ", or 2" thick.  2.0lb PCF - 6.0lb PCF fiberglass.  Standard size 2' x 4' with sizes custom up 4' x 8'.  Covered in (Sailcloth, Guilford, Whispertex, Tekwall, Webcore) finish.
Baffles shall have a Flame speed of 25 or less according to ASTM E-84.

Part III:  Execution


Baffles shall be installed as shown on the drawings and in accordance with the recommendations of United Process.


Table showing how the human ear perceives noise reduction.

Decibel Reduction Reduction Experienced by Ear
2 15%
4 23%
6 38%
8 48%
10 56%
12 63%
14 68%
16 75%
18 77%
20 81%