Noise Curtains

by dB Engineering

Chillers In A Large Office Building

A large manufacturing plant uses two chillers for cooling. The units generated over 93 dBA when running at the same time and caused discomfort in the adjacent boiler workshop. The facility manager decided to enclose the chillers with three walls and a roof made of BSC-25-2 panels. Windows were supplied as per the customer's request so the area could be monitored from the outside.

The results were better than expected. A 17 dBA reduction made the working area a much more pleasant place to occupy. The erection of the enclosure took a day and a half and covered a floor area of 600 square feet.

Noise Curtains quieting a chiller.


Table showing how the human ear perceives noise reduction.

Decibel Reduction Reduction Experienced by Ear
2 15%
4 23%
6 38%
8 48%
10 56%
12 63%
14 68%
16 75%
18 77%
20 81%