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Flexible Noise Barriers

Flexible Noise Barriers

Flexible Noise Barriers

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db Engineering flexible noise barrier materials are limp and tough.  They are resistant to the passage of sound waves and reduce noise transmission.

dB Engineering Flexible Noise Barriers are available in a number of styles to meet a variety of applications.  For example, the non-reinforced barriers can be used to reduce noise between rooms when incorporated in standard wall or ceiling construction.  Reinforced barrier materials are used where high-strength, high tear-resistant materials are required.  The foil-faced lagging material is used to wrap noisy piping and duct work (see dB-105).  Additional high-temperature and other specialty barriers are available including a Class A Flammability rated barrier.

Flexible Noise Barrie B-10RrFlexible Noise Barrier B-10NR

accoustical data for Flexible Noise Barriers

Barricade Noise Barrier is perfect for applications that require high sound transmission classification (STC).  Barricade Noise Barrier is a mass loaded flexible noise barrier that reduces sound transmission through walls, floors and ceilings


Barricade Noise Barriers are ideal for hotels, classrooms, homes, home theaters and any areas where reduction of noise transmission is necessary.   Barricade Noise Barrier is available in rolls 54" wide by 60' long.


Flexible Noise Barriers illustration

Barricade Noise Barrier may be installed in conventional wall construction or in a staggered stud assemble for higher STC results.

Barricade Noise Barrier is easily installed on walls, floors and ceilings.   Complicated construction is unnecessary.  Low cost solution for noise transmission problems.

Barricade Noise Barrier is available in rolls 54" x 60' long, 270 sq. ft. per roll, with custom lengths available.


Weight/Sq.Ft. 1 LB
Tensile (PSI) 762
Gauge (Inches) .108"
Elongation (%) 200%
Die "C" Tear (#/In.) 114
200 Deg. F/7 Days No Deformation: <1% Shrink
Mil Std. 6411 Burn Test 9 (Pass)
MVS 302 Burn Test Pass: Self Extinguished
STC 26

Noise Transmission Loss:


Noise Transmission Loss (dB) per Octave Band (HZ)

125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
2 lb. PSF 16 22 26 32 35 40 31
1 lb. PSF 13 17 22 26 32 37 26
3/4 lb. PSF 11 16 20 25 30 34 23
1/2 lb. PSF 8 13 17 22 27 31 20
Per ASTM: E-90 (90A)

Physical Properties:

Product Nom
Thickness (in.)
Nom. Weight
lb/sq. ft.
Description Roll Size
B-10 NR .107 1.0 Non-Reinforced 54" W x 60' L
B-5 NR .042 .5
B-20 NR .225 2.0
B-10 R .090 1.0 Reinforced
B-5 R .050 .5
B-10 LAG .090 1.0 Foil Faced 48" W x 60' L
B-10 CV .160 1.0 Transparent 16"W x 100'L & 48"W x 60'L
B-7.5 CV .120 7.5 12"W x 200'L & 48"W x 60'L
B-5 CV .080 .5 8"W x 300'L & 48"W x 60'L
B-10 CLA .109 1.0 Class A 54"W x 60'L
B-10 L .020 1.0 Lead Sheet 48"W x 25'L
B-10 MB


1.0 Marine Barrier 38"W x 45'L

Additional information on tensile, breaking and tear available upon request.

The test results reported were obtained using standard laboratory procedures recognized by the technical community.  The data is valid as a measurement of the material under specific controlled test conditions.  However, this data does not represent an accurate indicator of the performance of the material or of the hazards which may exist under actual field conditions.

Flexible Noise Barriers in Use

<Examples of Flexible Noise Barriers
This temporary barrier wall surrounds a drilling operation near a residential neighborhood.


Table showing how the human ear perceives noise reduction.

Decibel Reduction Reduction Experienced by Ear
2 15%
4 23%
6 38%
8 48%
10 56%
12 63%
14 68%
16 75%
18 77%
20 81%