Noise Curtains

by dB Engineering

Sandblasting booth is quieted significantly by noise blankets.

A large plant that overhauls gas turbine parts has a sandblasting booth that radiated excessive noise from the metal walls.  Next to the booth were quiet assembly areas that were subjected to the noise

After a management meeting, the production staff decided to hang a BSC-25 blanket assembly around the walls and doors of the sandblasting booth.  The panels were fastened directly to the top of the metal booth and allowed to hang to the floor.

The production staff was pleased with the "significant noise reduction" from the booth and then started to attack other noise sources in the plant.

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Table showing how the human ear perceives noise reduction.

Decibel Reduction Reduction Experienced by Ear
2 15%
4 23%
6 38%
8 48%
10 56%
12 63%
14 68%
16 75%
18 77%
20 81%