Noise Curtains

by dB Engineering

Architectural Wall Panels

These architectural wall panels were installed in a federal court room to eliminate the "echoes" due to the hard surfaces of the walls and ceiling. The judge said afterward that the way business was conducted in the court room had "changed forever" due to the speech quality.

Signature Wall Panels

Wall PanelsdB Engineering offers a wide variety of products to meet the acoustical needs of virtually any space.  Our innovative products include treatments for both walls and ceilings, reflective or absorptive, and can be combined to solve or correct any acoustical problems.

Our products are manufactured to meet the specific requirements of your space.  We custom manufacture each of our products for size, thickness and acoustical properties desired. With our totally customized products, we can help you create a special environment that is best suited for your needs. Our high performance products give you a rich looking environment while reducing distracting noises.