dB Engineering has a complete product line of specialty products. Specialty Composites can incorporate rigid fiberglass board, various facing and different weights of barrier. Applications include plenum barriers, engine compartment liners, acoustical jackets, pipe lagging, and any area where both sound absorption and noise barriers are required.

Custom Acoustical Jackets and Wraps

Industrial Acoustical Jackets and Wraps are durable, custom designed and manufactured to meet your equipment’s specifications. Used to increase the noise transmission loss of a piece of equipment without interfering with normal operations. Used for generator enclosures, busses and railroad cars and off highway equipment. NRC values up to 1.05 can be achieved.

Die Cut Parts

Industrial Die Cut parts are available in the barrier septum composite, barrier backed composite, or quilted fiberglass models. Die cut pieces are provided with all edges bound and provide a consistent fit while offering easier installation. Die cut pieces are typically used in machinery housings, electrical cabinets, engine compartments, equipment enclosures, firewalls, hoods, and operator cabs. Up to 1.05 NRC ratings can be achieved.

Damping Sheets

Industrial Soundamp E vibration damping sheet is a self-adhesive pad used for sound and vibration damping on metal panels. The adhesive side is smooth, giving complete contact with the underlying surface without air pockets or channels. Soundamp E is odorless, wear-resistant and impregnated to prevent the absorption of water. Both pad material and adhesive can withstand temperatures between -22 F and 248 F and are highly resistant to aging.

Damping Compound

Sound Seal’s Damping Compound is a water based visco-elastic damping compound that reduces structure-borne vibration in a variety of materials. It comes in a neutral color, is paintable and is available with an anti-static additive. It meets FMVSS 302 and is ideal for use in bus, rail, and marine applications. It is typically used in fan and blower housings, ductwork, bins, chutes, hoppers, machine guards, and stadium seating.